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Our Founder, Maureen Kolb

Maureen KolbMaureen Kolb's professional career has been dedicated to serving others by helping them see things from a different perspective.  It is a way of life; a way of constantly learning. 

She believes it is imperative to mentally walk in each other’s shoes in order to more fully understand one another.  It is not a skill with which we are born.  It is learned as a result of experiencing the difficulties in life and sharing the blessings we have gained as a result.

A Unique Start

Maureen began her consulting career as a ropes course facilitator, a perfect place to learn how much our life experiences shape us.  She believes we can use life experiences to manifest constructive change. Maureen continues to be dedicated to incorporating experiential learning with team building and group facilitation. Together these make a powerful combination and serve as a catalyst for positive change.


Maureen’s passion lies in large group facilitation and motivational speaking, helping others understand that one plus one equals three!  Some of the titles of Maureen Kolb’s keynotes include “Are You Playing To Win, Or Playing Not To Lose?” and “How’d I Get So Far Away From Where I’m Supposed To Be?”.  Maureen is an enchanting speaker and relates well to all audiences.

A Capitol Education

A graduate of the University Of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Women’s Studies, Maureen’s work in the United States Senate helped her to more fully understand the need for leadership in this country.  After leaving Capitol Hill, she built her career in sales, primarily in the service industry.   Maureen is a student of business and considers it to be the greatest engine for social change in our world. 

Maureen is a certified trainer in Emotional Intelligence (IHHP) and Crucial Conversations (VitalSmarts) and a certified ropes course instructor (ABEE).

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