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Our Philosophy is Simple
You Must Develop Your People!

SolutionsIf you are in a leadership position, developing your employees is the single most important thing you must do.  However, leadership demands that you take the lead and make things happen, because, like a coach in a locker room at half-time, your words and actions are what truly make the difference. 

How Cr8ive Energies Can Help...

The mark of a true leader is the ability to leverage the experience and expertise of others to achieve key goals and objectives. Who you choose to help is mission critical.

At Cr8ive Energies, our founder Maureen Kolb helps offer a core suite of services that take your ideas into execution and helps build and provide ongoing development of your key players.


Executive Coaching

"He'd be great if... " That's a thought many senior executives have about their team members. Cr8ive Energies helps you tap their potential and take them from "Good to Great!"


Team Building

Real teams take more than just warm bodies with a "can do"  attitude. Cr8ive Energies shines the spotlight on your team, strategically working with its members to use their talents to move your business forward.


Tired of meetings that go absolutely nowhere? Stop wasting time! Cr8ive Energies facilitation services helps you to get results from key meetings. You will leave your meeting with a greater sense of accomplishment and a plan for "what's next?"


Motivational Seminars

Get your team motivated! As a motivational speaker for over 10 years, Maureen Kolb has brought her energy and passion to corporations around the country. We all need a little motivation at key points in our career and Maureen gets it done.


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