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Motivation, Inspiration, Perspiration..
Our Seminars Put Your Teams to Work on Ideas

Led by our founder Maureen Kolb, Cr8tive Energies' approach to motivational seminars is to be extremely inclusive, involving everyone in attendance. After all, how do you move from seminar to team execution if your people aren't openly encouraged to participate and take ownership in team building concepts.

Seminar Topics


“Are You Playing To Win or Playing Not To Lose?”

Often we are so busy doing things RIGHT that we for get the importance of doing the right thing! If you are playing to WIN your focus is just that, life is forward motion and you are on the right track. If you are playing NOT TO LOSE, then you are missing opportunities! This interactive session will help you learn how you are playing the game!



“How to Speak So People Will Listen and Listen So People Will Speak”

In the communication game, who's in charge? Learn to take charge of your relationships! We need to understand that it is our responsibility to communicate in a way that helps others become better communicators. Learn to set the example for how to talk so others will listen and how to listen so others will talk.



“Conflict Resolution, It Starts With You!”

Is there such a thing as healthy conflict? You bet there is. Unfortunately, most conflict that takes place in a business setting is not addressed in a healthy manner. And the ripple effect is hedge hopped agendas, water cooler conversations, sick days, all come from unaddressed or inappropriately addressed conflict. Learn to master conflict resolution! It will change you life and the lives of those around you.



“Is The Only Person Who Likes Change a Baby In A Wet Diaper”

And the only way a baby get his diaper changed is by crying! We live in a world of change so we better get good at it. But why do we dig our heals in do deeply? Most times when change takes place in our world, it is for the better! The challenge lies in learning to be able to work through change, to keep your mind open enough that you can see the positive, to see the glass half full.


I Object

The Only Way To Grow Is To Get Uncomfortable”

This is a highly interactive session that allows people to actually get into uncomfortable situations. We sort of "try uncomfortable on". We try it physically and we try it mentally. It is amazing how much you can learn! The idea is to take that feeling with you, to be prepared to feel it again in the workplace and be ready to recognize it and welcome it!


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